Dr. Shelly helped me manage the side effects of the hormone treatment for my breast cancer. I wouldn’t have been able to tolerate it without her.
N.D Missoula, MT

My teenage son has noticed a marked improvement in his IBS and anxiety since working with Dr. Smekens.

T.K Gurnee, IL

I have had prostate cancer for over a decade and naturopathic medicine has helped me with fatigue, immune health and memory.

M.S. Colorado Springs, CO

Prior to my cancer diagnosis, I was under the care of a very good chiropractor. I didn’t think I needed any more help but I quickly realized that the interactions between supplements and medications are complicated and requires advanced training that my chiro didn’t have. I consult with Dr. Shelly whenever I want to take something new. She is willing to talk to my other providers, if needed, too.

S. F. Vernon Hills, IL

I cannot recommend Dr. Smekens more highly. She is accessible when I need answers to my questions. Having her on my team has made all the difference. I’ve already sent two family members to her.

J.P Springfield, IL

Well-intentioned family members and friends are suggesting I drink, eat or take this or that for my cancer. I’m glad to have a naturopathic doctor to help me choose strategies supported by science.

A.H. Madison, WI

The worst symptom of my treatment is painful neuropathy. I couldn’t button my blouse or walk around the block. My doctor prescribed a medication that made me dizzy and tired. I am working with Dr. Shelly and see a 50% improvement already.

P. G. Waukesha, WI

I went through a painful divorce which led to anxiety, depression and sleep difficulty. My antidepressants caused me to gain weight and feel lethargic. The dietary advice and supplements from Dr. Shelly have really helped me feel more energetic to exercise and I’m sleeping better, too.

P.D. Lake Geneva, WI

A friend that I met in my cancer support group recommended that I reach out to a naturopathic doctor. I was skeptical because I do not swallow pills easily and hate the taste of vitamins. Dr. Smekens really listened to my concerns and made recommendations that didn’t involve supplements. I’ve taken what I’ve learned and shared it with other women in my ovarian cancer support group.

A. K. Jasper, IN

When Dr. Shelly asked me for a testimonial, I didn’t know where to begin. She has been so much more to me than just my naturopath. She cares about me as a person and that relationship is as healing as the diet and lifestyle suggestions. I wish everyone had access to this level of care. I truly feel blessed to have her in my corner.
R. L. Troy, MI

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