What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine is not alternative medicine.  Dr. Smekens’ patients are receiving standard medical care but they also benefit from natural medicine to combat side effects, support the immune system and improve vitality.

Integrative Oncology

Integrative oncology has experienced a boom in research providing the evidence for efficacy and appropriateness.  Which diet is best to reduce my risk of cancer recurrence?  Which supplements could help with my hot flashes?  How do I improve sleep and fatigue while juggling my career, family and treatment?

Consulting with a specialized naturopathic doctor during and after cancer treatment is essential for patient safety.  Botanical medicine has the potential to enhance treatments but it could also negatively interact with certain medications.  Knowing the right dose, form and delivery of naturopathic interventions requires individualization to each person.

Integrative Family Medicine

Dr. Smekens is passionate about helping her patients transform their health and sharing her extensive knowledge of integrative medicine. She enjoys working with children and families to incorporate natural therapies alongside conventional care.

Should my child take probiotics during or after antibiotic treatment? What nutrients and foods could improve my acne? Balancing work and home responsibilites have wreaked havoc on my nerves–what are strategies to help reduce anxiety naturally? Which supplements are safe to use alongside blood pressure medicine? These questions are best answered with professional expertise and experience.

Getting giggles while taking a TCM pulse.
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