Healthy snacks in place of Statins?

The 3rd most prescribed drug in America, generic statin medication is used to lower cholesterol and target “bad” cholesterol LDL. Unfortunately, may people experience side effects with their statin medication such as tendonitis, muscle pain, elevated liver enzymes and higher blood sugar.

A recent study presented at the American Heart Association Conference showed food choices could help lower LDL-C, an undesirable cholesterol. Healthy snacks were provided to study subjects, containing at least 1800 mg alpha-linoleic acid (ALA)–an omega 3 healthy fat, 5 g of whole foods fiber and 1g of phytosterols per serving. Phytosterols occur naturally in plants and help reduce absorption of cholesterol in the intestine.

Snack and meal ideas for replicating the nutrients provided in this study:

  • Walnuts with apple slices
  • Lentil soup
  • Sesame oil dressing on a green salad or Asian slaw
  • Edamame
  • Oatmeal with flax seeds
  • Chili with kidney beans, option to add grass fed beef
  • Tuna and green pea casserole

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